A good idea

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A good idea

Post by stew » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:52 am

Kevin take note this may be a wise approach to adopt given your 4 willing volunteers last weekend have no prior experience or (in my case) skills in erecting 20ft Christmas trees: :P

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Re: A good idea

Post by Add » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:29 pm

I think Kev's will need a larger cordon given the 'skills' we had to work with!
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Re: A good idea

Post by kevinwillis » Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:23 am

Well I think it went rather well once we all stopped talking and looking at Coupes started cutting Christmas trees down instead off moving my Coupes under cover which is what most off you thought you where going to be doing all day :oops:

I did see this post a couple off weeks ago but thought i has better wait and see if it sayed upright before comenting and as it is I diclare your first stag off training compleat.

I really could not have done it one my own!

Stag two off the training will be the same time next year if anyone wants tobe able to show Derry council how to put a christmas tree up proparely.

The second tree that we cut down was safely delivered and errected the next morning with the help off about three University off Cambridge staff in one off their main Administation biuldings which was origenially biult as the new home for the royol Grench Observatory back in the late 1980's just two years before the Govement closed it down.

Just yesterday Christmas carols where sung under the tree by Fitwilliam Coage carol sigers will some off the 400 staff based in the biulding looked on including members off the University of Cambridge Safty Office that are based their. Ok that tree was only 15'' hiegh but I think you backs will still remember it was heaver than the other one.

No safty cordense their although the seat arroungd where it was positioned where moved back about 30cm so poeple could get to sit in them without being attacted by the Christmas Tree.

If anyone that helped or wants to put their name down to help next year has not got thier Christmas Tree yet or wants a real tree instead off a fake one I still have a though Norway Spruce ( traditanel Christmas tree) going spare/ Free to a good home.

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